Physios for ME: Two Year Anniversary – and some BIG news

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Two Year Anniversary – and some BIG news

It’s really hard to believe, but it’s been only two years since Physios for ME was founded. The last 12 months seem to have flown by, so just like we did at our 1 year anniversary we thought we’d recap on our achievements and activities over the last year.

But first… we are delighted to use our anniversary to announce some very exciting news. We were approached by a publisher – Singing Dragon – and have signed a deal to write an academic book about ME which is specifically aimed at physiotherapists! This is a huge project, and it has been keeping us very busy this year. The aim is to have it ready for publication by next year.

We are not creating a standardised treatment manual for ME – this is impossible and inappropriate for such a complex disease. Instead, we aim to provide information about the known pathophysiology of ME and discuss how it is directly relevant to a physiotherapist’s clinical practice, with discussion of interventions that can be effective for symptom management alongside patient stories to put the theoretical knowledge into an example of lived experience.

We are really excited to create such an important text book, which will be published world-wide, and we are very thankful to Singing Dragon for the opportunity. Further updates will follow as we continue with the process.

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