Mum’s New Books



I am pleased to say that Christian Focus Publications (CFP) have published two more books written by my mother, Jean Stapleton. 

Boys Just Like Me – Bible Men who Trusted God” and “Girls Just Like You – Bible Women who Trusted God” have been produced as small, padded, hardback giftbooks for children and each contain 50 short accounts of men or women in the Bible who trusted God. According to the CFP site, both books are suitable for children aged 6 – 10 to read by themselves, or for 3 – 5 year olds to have them read to them – although we think age 3 is a little optimistic! The books are designed to help children get to know more about people in the Bible and, as a result, about the Bible as a whole and the God Who these people put their trust in, and who He used in many different ways. 

To see all four books that Mum has now had published by CFP, please click here.

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