Jesus has died and has risen again: The First Easter

A very Happy Easter to everyone reading this blog post!

My Mum, Jean Stapleton, usually writes a Christmas poem each year, but she has now come up with her first Easter poem.

Jesus has died and has risen again: The First Easter – Mum’s Easter Poem for 2021.

All ended now:
Three years of following
The One they hoped
Was God’s long-promised One.

Ended by death,
Death on a cross of shame.
Locked in by fear,
All hope now seemed in vain.

The weary hours
Of saddest sabbath day,
Moved on at last,
Bringing no hopeful ray.

When new day dawned,
Women heard angel’s word
That Him they sought
Was now their risen Lord.

Later He came
To men still held in fear,
Bringing His peace,
And joy to see Him near.

He conquered death,
Man’s last strong enemy,
That we from fear
Of death, may be set free.

But we who live
Still fearing man’s last foe,
Is there still hope
As on through life we go?

No hope for those
Who to their ‘goodness’ cling.
No hope that they
Can satisfy heaven’s King

New life for all
Who trust in His shed blood
To cleanse sin’s stain,
And bring them peace with God.

The life He gives
From fear will set us free.
Life that will last
Throughout eternity

© JHS 2021

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