I Cannot Understand

(I was sent this poem by a friend. She doesn’t know who wrote it, but thought that it might be helpful. It reminded me of a quote by Hudson Taylor: “When I cannot read, when I cannot think, when I cannot even pray, I can trust”.)

I cannot understand
The why and wherefore of a thousand things,
The crosses, the annoyances, the daily stings,
I cannot understand,
But I can trust;
And perfect trusting perfect comfort brings.

I cannot clearly see
Why life to one brings joy, unlooked-for gain,
While to another bitter heart-aches come, and pain.
I cannot clearly see
But I can trust;
And by-and-by my Father will explain.

I cannot see the end,
The hidden meaning of each trial sent,
The pattern into which each tangled thread is bent
I cannot see the end,
But I can trust;
And in His changeless love I am content.

I cannot grasp the whole
Of life’s great symphony, nor find the key
To these strange minor cadences perplexing me,
But I can trust
In Him Whose ways are perfect harmony.

And knowing Thee when trial and sorrow press,
When nerves are weary and the body weak,
I neither try to think, nor try to pray,
But REST in Thee with love that need not speak.

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