A Travesty Of Science And A Tragedy For Patients: Quotable Quotes Continued 2006 – 2016

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A Travesty Of Science And A Tragedy For Patients: Quotable Quotes Continued 2006 – 2016
This document is in 4 sections: Professors Wessely, White, Sharpe and the PACE Trial
Compiled by Margaret Williams
17th December 2016
To assist the reader, as this document is quite lengthy, notable sentences have been highlighted in yellow.
In his power-point presentation on 29th June 2011 about the PACE Trial for the “Forward ME” meeting at The House of Lords, Professor Malcolm Hooper referred to the ME situation in the UK as: “The 3 Ts – Travesty of Science; Tragedy for Patients and Tantamount to Fraud”.
The tragedy for ME patients in the UK existed long before the PACE Trial: it has existed for the last three decades. Can it be attributed to the zealous proselytizing by certain psychiatrists – all of whom are involved with the medical insurance industry and who deem themselves “experts” on ME/CFS – to convert non-believers to their own beliefs about the nature of it?
As in “Quotable Quotes Updated” (which provided examples of unhelpful comments about people with ME/CFS from 1988 to 2005 emanating from psychiatrists Professors Simon Wessely, Peter Denton White and Michael Sharpe and can be accessed at www.margaretwilliams.me), this continuation provides more illustrations of their published views on ME/CFS from 2006 to 2016. It is not comprehensive but merely representative.
In order to understand the effect on patients with ME of the Wessely School’s beliefs and their total disregard of the mainstream biomedical evidence-base that has been shown to underpin the disorder (evidence which vitiates their beliefs), it is essential to be aware of that evidence-base, particularly of the widespread inflammation and the proven immunological, cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal dysfunction, summaries of which can be accessed at www.margaretwilliams.me
One would have expected that these psychiatrists would have kept up-to-date (which doctors are required to do) but their views have remained intransigent (ie. They continue to insist that ME/CFS is a behavioural disorder and that patients who believe they suffer from a physical disease perpetuate their own “perceived” ill-health).
Although some of these quotations are from ten years ago, they were published during the planning/execution of the PACE trial, whose interventions of CBT and GET were predicated on these psychiatrists’ beliefs. 
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