A Summer Holiday

Tim and Lois, my brother and sister-in-law, have been on their travels again.  The following are a small selection of all their photos – with captions from Tim – 

NB Clicking on the pictures will bring up larger versions of them.
Hills near Paiania, which is the
other side of the mountain from Athens
Looking towards Athens from Piraeus docks.
The Acropolis is just visible on a hill to the right of centre. 
Looking away from Piraeus docks. 
Beach and harbour at Bodrum, Turkey. 
Part of the small quay side
by the foot of the cliff at Fira, Santorini. 
Cliff-top Fira, over 200 metres up. 
Panorama shot of Katakolo, Greece. 
By the Harbour on the Isle of Capri
Getting close to Monaco, Montecarlo. 
Some of the smaller, less expensive boats in Monaco Harbour! 
Looking across Monaco from the path to the palace. 
A rather unusual specimen at the palace aquarium, Monaco.
(Don’t know what it is sorry)
Sunset over the south of France
The Columbus monument, Barcelona, pointing towards the harbour/ docks. 

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