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A reaction to the NICE draft guideline on diagnosis and management of ME/CFS by the Science Media Centre can be found at –


A response from Margaret Williams is as follows –


“It is not surprising that Professors Wessely, White, Sharpe and Chalder commented as they did for the Science Media Centre’s press release on the NICE draft guideline.

They are well-known for being either unable or unwilling to face reality by their persistent refusal to accept the proven failure of their PACE trial.

They apparently prefer to delude themselves because otherwise they would have to accept that their careers have been nothing but null and void: as Ioannidis noted 15 years ago: “Of course, investigators working in any field are likely to resist accepting that the whole field in which they have spent their careers is a ‘null field’. However …advances in technology and experimentation may lead eventually to the dismantling of a scientific field” (PLoS Medicine 2005:2:8:e124)

To its credit, by accepting that ME/CFS is a biomedical disorder, NICE has dismantled a scientific field, from which it can be concluded that the Wessely School have spent their careers in a “null field” in relation to their efforts to designate ME/CFS as a behavioural disorder.

Could the refusal of Wessely et al to face reality have anything to do with their long-term close involvement with the medical insurance industry (which must now be quaking in its boots at the prospect of having to accept that if NICE no longer designates ME/CFS as a psychiatric disorder, it can no longer be excluded from cover)?

Margaret Williams

10th November 2020 “

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