...but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles.  Isaiah 40v31 (NIV)   On Eagles Wings:
A Christian Perspective on M.E.

by Hazel Stapleton


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So you have got M.E.  Or you know someone who has it.  You are not alone - even though you may feel it.  It is thought that M.E. now affects up to 240,000 people in this country, with cases of the illness well out-numbering those of M.S. (multiple sclerosis).

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Quotable Quote from The Countess of Mar:

"The evidence is now so strong that ME/CFS is a multisystem neuro-immune disease that it becomes intellectually embarrassing for anyone to continue to consider it to be a psychosomatic disorder."

And from Paul Cheney:

“The whole idea that you can take a disease like this and exercise your way to health is foolishness, it’s insane.”

Recommended reading:

M.E. and exercise – when will they ever learn? by Neil Riley of the M.E. Association

What it's like to live with severe ME by Naomi Whittingham


I hope that the information on this site will be of some help to you.  I am not a doctor.  This website is designed to give general information only, and is in no way a substitute for medical advice.  I cannot recommend or endorse any particular treatment, and different people respond to different things anyway.  If in doubt, seek the advice of a doctor before trying anything new. The advice given in the site is simply what I have learnt from my own experiences of having M.E.  I have tried to include the details of M.E. that I would like to have known at the beginning of my illness and to include some practical advice.  I also pray that the information given may encourage you to hope in the Lord, however difficult your situation may be.

On any website it would be impossible to cover all the information that is currently available on M.E., but I hope to look briefly at:

  1. What Is M.E.?
  2. What Can I Do About M.E.?
  3. What Other Help Is Available?
  4. Why Does God Allow Us To Suffer?
  5. On Eagles Wings
  6. Further Reading

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On Eagle's WingsThe information found in this website is also available in a book "On Eagles Wings--A Christian Perspective on M.E." published by Quinta Press.  It can be purchased from -

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Support of the Sufferers - This 40 page A5 size booklet published by Tentmaker Publications aims to give a few thoughts on how Christians can help their fellow believers who live with long-term health problems and disabilities. It can be purchased from -

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God’'s Special TentGod’s Special Tent – The Story of the Tabernacle and What Came After – by Jean Stapleton (my mother).  A4 size and 52 pages long, this book is part of the Christian Focus Activity for Kids Series.  It centres on the Tabernacle of Old Testament times and includes a cut-out model of the Tabernacle which children can make for themselves.  For further details, please click here.

Read with Me written by Jean Stapleton and published by Christian Focus Publications.  This is a book of 365 Bible readings for parents (or grand-parents) to do with their children (roughly ages 4 -9).  For further details see:

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Hedged About – Hedged About gardening services is a gardening business run by my brother Tim Stapleton in the North Down area of County Down, Northern Ireland. For further details please see the website – www.hedgedabout.co.uk

Live Services: You can watch live broadcasts from the Metropolitan Tabernacle, London - Sunday 11am Teaching Ministry; Sunday 6.30pm Evangelistic Service; Wednesday 7.30pm Bible Study. For further details go to:

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Voices From The Shadows - the following is an introduction to the excellent film about severe ME called Voices from the Shadows -


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