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“Looking back with ME"

by Hazel Stapleton

A Christian Perspective on M.E.

So you have got M.E. Or you know someone who has it. You are not alone – even though you may feel it. It is thought that M.E. now affects up to 240,000 people in this country, with cases of the illness well out-numbering those of M.S. (multiple sclerosis).

The main sections on this website are taken from my little book about ME, “On Eagle’s Wings – A Christian Perspective on ME” which was first published in 2002 by Quinta Press.

Quote from Professor Anthony L. Komaroff:
Of the personal lessons that I, as a physician, have learned from ME/CFS, perhaps the most important is that, if patients tell you they are suffering, your default assumption should be to believe them—even if you cannot find an answer with the diagnostic technology you first deploy. Above all, never succumb to the temptation to dismiss the patient’s symptoms because you cannot explain them. That may ease your anxiety, but it only multiplies the patient’s suffering.”

Where should I start?

What is ME?

M.E. stands for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. It is basically a multi-system failure, and has been classed by the...

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What Can I Do About ME?

Early diagnosis and management of M.E. are probably the two most important things for anyone with the...

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What Other Help Is Available?

The best ways to help yourself, then, are rest and diet, as discussed previously. However outside help...

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Why Does God Allow Us To Suffer?

Many people ask "Why does God allow us to suffer?" or "Shouldn't Christians be free from suffering?"...

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On Eagles Wings

The verses of Scripture that have been particularly special to me since being ill are Isaiah 40v28-31....

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Those who do not believe that M.E. is a serious neurological disorder (it has officially been classed...

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